Project Lift - N.H. HiSET- High School Equivalency Certificate

Are You Ready ?

Before deciding to register for the HiSET exam, you can request a free assessment of your reading comprehension and math problem solving skills. Call Trish Bush to make an appointment for this hour & a half assessment. Following the test you will receive immediate feedback and learner advice.

The First Step

Call Trish Bush @ 464-5285 to make an appointment to learn about the opportunities available to you. You will be matched with a tutor or placed in a small group to begin your program. One on one or small groups meet several times per week including one evening class. All of our services are free of charge. Go here to view the Project Lift brochure: Project Lift Brochure

If your goal is to take the HiSET exam

After increasing the skills necessary, you are given the practice tests. Once your practice scores are high enough, we can provide information about registering for the HiSET. Visit the HiSET website for information about registration and overall components of the test or call our program and we can guide you through the process. If you need access to a computer, in order to set up your HiSET account, let us know at Project LIFT.

In order to pass the HiSET Test in NH, all three of the following must be met:

  • 1. Minimum of 8 to pass any one test.
  • 2. Total score of 9 or higher.
  • 3. Average score of 45 or higher.

NOTE: A perfect score (no errors) for each subtest is 20.

The HiSET Test Battery

HiSET Tests are usually done in two four-hour sessions at a testing center, visit the NH Bureau of Adult Ed website NH Bureau of Adult Ed. For the Hillsborough area the closest sites are Keene or Concord. Pre-tests are offered in Hillsborough or visit the HiSET website for both free practice examples or to purchase the 5 actual practice tests. The complete official Test Battery consists of 5 sub-tests:

  • 1. Math - 90 minutes
    • 50 multiple choice questions
    • Calculator allowed
  • 2. Language Arts/Writing -
    • Multiple Choice (1 Hr. 15 min.)
    • Written essay (45 min.)
  • 3. Science - 80 minutes - 50 multiple questions
  • 4. Social Studies - 70 minutes - 50 multiple questions
  • 5. Language Arts/Reading - 65 minutes - 40 multiple choice questions

Time limits given are maximum time available; however some candidates may finish earlier. Accomodations may be available for people with documented disabilities.

Candidates may choose to take one test per session; inquire about other accomodations.

You must register and pay the $95.00 test fee before the first test, and decide which test you want to take first. You can then take up to one year from the date of your first test to finish. Payment and registration is done at the testing center you choose. LIFT can help with information on the registration process.